Speak Up! Reduce Your Relationship Stress
at Work and at Home
Are you a woman leader ready to learn the power, the freedom, and the influence you have when you honor, value, and speak up on your own behalf?

Here’s what’s possible when you learn to Speak Up:

  • You will influence decisions.

  • Relationships will be fulfilling.

  • Business meetings will gain clarity.

  • You will feel grounded, valued, and strong.

  • You will feel alive, passionate, and engaged.
You matter. 
Your voice matters. 
You get to speak up and be heard. 

We want to show you how speak up to Speak Up! Reduce Your Relationship Stress at Work and at Home.

This Speak Up! Kit is focused on helping you, as a woman, as a woman in business, as a woman leader, overcome your habit of silence.

This program is about you feeling settled and confident even in the midst of conflict.

This program is about you identifying what matters, really matters to you, and giving it voice.

This program is about you finding and developing a path for speaking up and being heard both at work and at home.

This program is about you being empowered.

This program is about you mattering.

We know you’ll find this Speak Up! Reduce Your Relationship Stress
at Work and at Home kit  to be helpful and supportive in finding your voice.

We trust as you go through the modules you’ll discover more ways

to stay settled and confident, even in the midst of conflict.

We know you’ll be able to identify what really matters to you,

and to set boundaries that allow you to take care of yourself,
as well as, be a better resource to others.

Remember: you matter, your voice matters. Speak up!
What You Get in the Speak Up Kit:

In this program we have a lot of resources to support you:

Speak Up! modules including the most crucial chapters from our two books with interactive experiences

Experiential Resources: podcast episodes, guided meditations, worksheets, videos, and more!

Chapters from our two books:

  • The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage

  • The Beauty of Conflict for Couples: Igniting Passion, Intimacy, and Connection in Your Relationship

Regular Investment: $97

Only $47 Until February 28th, 2022

What clients are saying about Thrive:

"What I appreciated most about coaching with CrisMarie Campbell during our Microsoft Unpack Your Stress Series was she able to help me identify and shift unproductive reaction patterns. She offered me unique, easy-to-use tools which continue to help me respond more effectively in stressful situations - both in and out of work. And she unlocked a whole world of interesting research and methodologies that will help me continue on my own developmental journey." - Aileen Hannah, Director, SMB Voice of the Customer & Partnerships Strategy at Microsoft
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"Communication and conflict are an inevitable part of business and personal relationships. Susan Clarke is an amazing coach and has provided me with effective tools to help me show up, speak up, and use conflict in a positive way within my life. I highly recommend Susan if you are looking for a business and/or personal coach to enhance your communication style." - Anna Madlener Partner Relationship Manager | Business Development Manager
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" The one-on-one  coaching I did with CrisMarie was very powerful. She gave me easy-to-use tools to settle myself which helped me in COVID, in business, and even my personal relationships. Because she has such extensive knowledge of business, she became my trusted advisor providing me unique and helpful career direction. I won't hesitate to coach with her again." - Tereza Nemessanyi Microsoft | Worldwide Alliances, VC + Private Equity
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